What Makes Great Motivational Speakers Great

The great motivational speakers who went to become famous have each in their own way transform humanity in a profound way. Those public speakers have the gift of communication, influence, and persuasion. They are the communicators that inspire hope. So, let’s see what makes a great communicator great.

But, before I delve into what makes a great communicator, let me first preface by emphasizing a point about the power of communication in our lives. First and foremost, you should do whatever you can to improve the quality of your communication. And here’s why…

The people who are thriving at the top of their field—those who are leading the way—are not necessary the brightest and the most talented. They are rather the people who are excellent communicators. In fact, they are the mouth piece for millions who are perhaps more knowledgeable than they are.

Those are the same people who at some point heard the calling to become motivational speakers. They took action. They pick up the microphone and let their voices heard. In the process, they change the world in their own and respective way.

Credits belong to those who can communicate with clarity, power, and conviction. I know it’s not fair that so many bright and intelligent people never get the credit they deserve simple because they can’t communicate persuasively. But who says that life if fair?

If we want to have the edge, it’s our duty to learn to communicate effectively. Every influencer is a master communicator. Some are born that way and others learn it.

History is replete with people who emerged from no where with very little formal education. Yet, they can rally a whole nation to believe in an ideology so strongly that they will wage war and sacrifice their lives to preserve the ideology. Often, their messages are simple and emotional enough to move people to action.

That’s right, their  spoken words are conveyed in a way that evokes emotion and move a nation. Having said that, it’s obvious there are two kind of leaders. One is the up front leader–the one who gets the perks and the recognition. Another kind of leader is the behind the scene leader.

I am not even sure if we can classify the latter as leaders. Well, come to think to it, they are what they call indirect leaders.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know the behind-the-scene person can influence the direction of a movement. However, the credits belong to the direct leader. Indirect leaders often go through life unnoticed. Their contribution is simply a footnote in history books. They won’t build a statue for them.

The photos above are by no means the greatest communicators ever. It’s just a representation of some today’s powerful and inspiring communicators. They are the best of the best motivational speakers. They stir deep emotions and motivate millions to live their best lives.

Feel free to do your own research and have your own conclusion. Also, feel free to submit the names of any great motivational speakers you are aware of.